California's Best Hard Money Lenders

Crescent Lenders is an asset based lender
servicing all property types across California.

California's Best Hard Money Lenders

Crescent Lenders is an asset based lender
servicing all property types across California.

Lending Guidelines

Interest Rates
Starting @ 7.99% (interest only)
Closing Time
5 to 7 Days
Anywhere in California
Loan To Value Ratio
Up to 75% LTV
Loan Types
Purchase, Refinance, Cash-Out, Fix and Flip, Probate, 1031 Exchange
$200K – $5M
Origination Fee
2 to 3 points, dependant on size and term
Lien Positions
First Trust & Second Trust Deeds
Underwriting Fee
Loan Term
6 to 60 months (extensions available)

Property Types

  • Single-family & Multi-family Investment Properties
  • Condominiums
  • Retail Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Industrial & Warehouse
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Healthcare & Assisted Living Facilities
  • Special Purpose & Mixed Use
  • Parking Garages & Lots

Recent Deals

Costa Mesa, CA
Amount : $650,000
Type : Purchase
Loan To Value : Less than 50%
Rate : 9.00%
Property Type : Industrial
Term : 18 Months
El Segundo, CA
Amount : $1,200,000
Type : Rehab
Loan To Value : 65%
Rate : 9.00%
Property Type : Multi-Family
Term : 12 Months
Montebello, CA
Amount : $2,500,000
Type : Purchase
Loan To Value : 66%
Rate : 8.75%
Property Type : Multi-Family
Term : 12 Months

About California

With over 40 million residents, The Golden State is home to the largest economy in the United States.

California is a very desirable place to live due to it's perfect weather, booming economy and great lifestyle.

With successful industries spanning from Silicon Valley to Hollywood, the economy is diverse in nature.

These industries are accompanied by some of the highest paid and skilled workers in the world.

This has created a strong demand for housing, resulting in high real estate prices, especially around the coastal areas where there will always be a limited supply.

About the Real Estate Market

From San Diego to San Fransico, California boasts the world's 3rd largest real estate market with $7.1 trillion dollars worth of property.

The average home sold for $720,000 in August 2020, and it has 9 out of the 10 most expensive metropolitan areas in the nation. 

With 840 miles of pristine coastline, residential land prices in these areas are 600% greater than the average of all other large metropolitan areas combined.

Backed by the strongest economy in the country and one of the most expensive places to live in the US, California is a prime destination for real estate investors.

About California Hard Money Loans

In 2019 fix and flip investors investors accounted for 5.6% of all property sales with 20,755 total flips in the Golden State.

In the red hot real estate market of California fix and flip loans are often used to strengthen an offer on a property, create leverage or to acquire properties more quickly.

California hard money loans are not just for fix and flippers.

They can also be used for purchases, 1031 exchanges, refinances and probate loans.

Unlike traditional lenders, hard money lenders can fund deals within a matter of days, are more flexible and don't have the stringent requirements of big corporate banks.

While hard money loans have higher interest rates than traditional mortgages; these loans are meant to be used for short durations and can be helpful to investors looking to accelerate their growth.

Crescent Lenders has funded hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate investment deals over the last 10 years throughout the California region across all property types.


We Can Deliver Rapid Financing

Between $200k and $5 million dollars

Nationwide private lender (not a broker, avoid the extra fees)

Funding loans such as purchase, refinance, rehab, probate, 1031 exchanges, cash-out

All types of investment properties considered, residential, commercial and industrial

Crescent Lenders

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Los Angeles, California

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