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Probate Loans California

Settle Your Inheritance Today

Unlock Your Inheritance Faster With a California Probate Loan

Are you an heir or beneficiary caught in the complexities of the probate process? Do you need immediate access to funds to cover pressing financial needs or settle estate-related expenses? Look no further!

We are a direct private money lender in California that can fund your probate loan so you can move forward with the financial freedom you deserve during this challenging time.

We understand the unique requirements and challenges associated with inheritance loans, and we are dedicated to providing the necessary support.

Your inheritance should be a source of empowerment, not a cause for frustration. Our probate loans can provide you with the financial freedom and flexibility you need to navigate the probate process with confidence.

Contact us today to explore how we can help you unlock the power of your inheritance and embark on a brighter financial future.

Why Borrowers Choose Crescent Lenders

Rates as Low as 9.75%

75% LTV

No Minimum Income Requirement

No Upfront Fees

Direct Lender, Not a Broker

Speedy Approval & Funding Process

Minimal Documents Needed

Self-Employed or Foreign National

Trusted 5-Star Rating on Google

We Are a Probate Lender in California

As a direct private money lender based in the heart of Los Angeles, Crescent Lenders funds probate loans across California.

Our expertise lies in offering customized financing options to help beneficiaries and heirs navigate the complexities of settling estates.

Since 2010, we have funded over $100 million in California private money loans. 

We take pride in delivering exceptional customer service and maintaining transparent communication throughout the lending process to ensure a smooth and efficient experience for our clients.

Whether you're purchasing a probate property, refinancing an existing probate loan, or seeking temporary financing to settle an estate, Crescent Lenders is here to offer the specialized financing solutions that traditional banks often cannot provide in the realm of probate loans.

3 Reasons to Use a Probate Loan in California


Preliminary Distribution and Buying Out of Siblings

If a heir wants to keep an inherited property, short term financing using a probate loan can be used to buy out the other heirs.

Once the heirs have agreed on the value of the property and determined the distribution of the state, an inheritance loan can provide the estate with cash. This process enables the other heirs to be paid out quickly.

Once the heir has ownership of the title, they can refinance the inherited property with a more favorable traditional bank loan.


Settling Estate Costs

A probate loan can be used to relieve financial pressure before the estate is distributed. All kinds of costs can arise due to an inheritance:

  • If a property is involved there are carrying costs such as insurance, utilities, maintenance, mortgage payments and property taxes
  • Other costs such as legal expenses, attorney fees, taxes or other obligations owned by the probate estate
  • Funeral and burial expenses


Preserving Tax Value

In the past few decades property prices have increased dramatically. There are 2 ways to use a hard money loan to capitalize on tax benefits:

  • Step-Up Tax Basis Benefit
    Property transferred upon death from a parent to a child is excluded from capital gains tax liability and receives a step-up in basis to its fair market value. The appreciation of the property that occurred during the descendant's lifetime is therefore tax-exempt. The "step-up" in tax basis would be maintained if you decide to keep the property. A probate loan could provide the necessary funding to buy out the remaining heirs of the property.
  • Inheriting the Property Tax
    Property is generally reassessed at market value when it is sold or transferred. However, when ownership is transferred between parents or children, it qualifies for a reassessment exclusion. This allows an heir to use a probate loan to buy out the other heirs and keep the property within the family, thereby inheriting the older property tax rate. For example, if a property was purchased in the 1970s and has significantly increased in value, the heir would inherit the 1970s property tax rate.

Our Lending Guidelines

Interest Rates:Starting @ 9.75% (interest only)
Closing Time:5 to 7 Days
Location:Anywhere in California
Loan-To-Value :Up to 75% LTV
Amounts:$200K to $5M
Origination Fee:2 to 3 points, dependant on size and term
Lien Positions:First Trust & Second Trust Deeds
Underwriting Fee:$1500
Loan Term:6 to 60 months (extensions available)

5 Key Advantages to a California Probate Loan

Crescent Lenders is a direct provider of probate loans in California. Our lending policy mandates all loans to be secured by a hard real estate asset, ensuring a secure investment for both the borrower and the lender.

Immediate Access to Funds

Probate loans provide beneficiaries and heirs with quick access to funds during the probate process. This can be especially useful when there are urgent financial needs or expenses related to the estate that require immediate attention.

No Credit Check or Income Verification

Unlike traditional loans, probate loans typically do not require a credit check or extensive income verification. The loan is primarily secured by the value of the property being used as collateral, making it more accessible for individuals with less-than-perfect credit or irregular income.

Flexible Terms

Probate loans often offer flexible repayment terms, allowing borrowers to choose repayment options that align with their financial situation. This can include interest-only payments during the loan term, making it easier to manage cash flow.

Preservation of Assets

Probate loans can help beneficiaries avoid the need to sell valuable assets, such as real estate, at a discount to quickly settle estate-related expenses. By accessing funds through a probate loan, beneficiaries have more time and flexibility to maximize the value of the inherited assets.

Simplified Application Process

Probate loans typically have a streamlined application process compared to traditional loans. Lenders specializing in probate loans understand the unique requirements and timeline of probate cases, making the application and approval process more efficient.

What Our Borrowers Say

Top-Rated Provider

I’m a commercial real estate broker and do some fix n flipping on the side here in SoCal. I’ve used a few different HMLs in the past but have created a good relationship with these guys and have repeatedly used them and will continue to do so going forward.

- Justin R.
*As of May 15th, 2023

California Probate Loans FAQ

Probate & Inheritance Loans

What Is a Probate Loan?

Probate loans, also known as estate, trust or inheritance loans, provide short term financing against inherited real estate.

Traditional banks and financial institutions will not lend on properties in probate, hence the need for a private money lender to acquire financing.

What Is the Difference Between an Estate, Probate, Trust or Inheritance Loan?

They are all one and the same. They are also referred to as an inheritance advance or probate advance. These terms are often used interchangeably.

Why Consider a Probate Loan?

The probate process can be lengthly, taking anywhere from 6 months to 3 years. Assets are not distributed until the process is finished.

The 3 most common reasons someone might use a probate loan:

  • buying out other heirs
  • tax benefits
  • paying for expenses to do with the estate or passing of a loved one
Can You Borrow Money From a Will or Use Inheritance as Collateral?

Yes, it is possible to borrow money from an inheritance or Will by using a hard money lender. Inheritance is not something you own right away. It is something you own in the future.

If you are named as the beneficiary to a property in a Will, you are most likely eligible to use the property as collateral for a hard money loan.

How Do You Qualify for a Probate Loan?

You need to show proof your inheritance is non-refundable, an example would be an irrevocable trust.

Why Use a Hard Money Lender?

Traditional banks and institutional lenders don't lend on properties going through the probate process.

Can I Buy Out My Siblings?

Yes, one of the most common reasons people use probate loans is to buy out their siblings.

Our Lending Process

How Fast Can I Expect My Money?

From start to finish, the approval process can take as little as 5 to 7 business days.

How Do You Determine Rate?

Rates are determined by:

  • the underlying value of the asset
  • the location of the asset
  • how much the borrower is putting down
  • credit score
  • additional sources of income
  • property type
How Do You Value a Property?

We do your own analysis from recently sold comparable properties as well as have an appraiser visit the property.

What Is the Approval Process?

The approval process involves a brief phone call with Russ, to collect general background information regarding your financing needs and history.

After this pre-approval phone call your information will be verified through our underwriting process.

Once verified we will send you a term sheet and if you accept, you will receive the funds in your account.

What if My Credit Score Is Low?

While credit score is a factor, bad credit is not a deal breaker as many factors are considered:

  • experience in the fix and flip industry
  • additional sources of income
  • most importantly, the underlying value of the hard asset
Are There Any Types of Hard Money Loans You Don’t Fund?

Crescent Lenders does not fund land, ground-up construction or owner-occupied projects.

We Can Deliver Rapid Financing
Between $200k and $5 million dollars
Nationwide private lender (not a broker, avoid the extra fees)
Funding loans such as purchase, refinance, rehab, probate, 1031 exchanges, cash-out
All types of investment properties considered, residential, commercial and industrial
Crescent Lenders

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Disclaimer: Crescent Lenders, DBA CrescentLenders.com ("CL") is a California licensed broker under California Bureau of Real Estate License No. #01792267. Regardless of this license, CL considers itself a “finder” for purposes of applicable laws and regulations (California Business & Professions Code § 10130, et. seq.).