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California Hard Money Lender

For California Real Estate Investors

Your Premier Direct Hard Money Lender in California

Crescent Lenders is a premier hard money lending company in California.

Located in the heart of Los Angeles; we have been providing hard money loans to commercial and residential California real estate investors for over a decade.

Since our inception in 2010, we have funded hundreds of California hard money loans for a variety of property types.

Crescent Lenders provides fast approvals and funding, reasonable rates and fees, adaptable lending standards, and outstanding customer service to all of our borrowers.

1st and 2nd position hard money loans can be funded in as little as 5 to 7 days.

Why Borrowers Choose Crescent Lenders

Rates as Low as 9.75%

75% LTV

No Minimum Income Requirement

No Upfront Fees

Direct Lender, Not a Broker

Speedy Approval & Funding Process

Minimal Documents Needed

Self-Employed or Foreign National

Trusted 5-Star Rating on Google

Benefits to Using a California Hard Money Lender

As a leading private money lender in California, we specialize in providing swift financing and dependable service. At Crescent Lenders, we possess substantial capital and offer a straightforward and efficient loan process for our borrowers.

Whether you're interested in fixing and flipping a home in Los Angeles or purchasing an apartment complex in San Diego, we are ready to fund your real estate investment project anywhere in California.

There are several advantages to utilizing a California hard money loan:

  1. Rapid Funding: Hard money loans can be approved in less than a day, and borrowers can typically expect to receive financing within 5 to 7 days.
  2. Minimal Requirements: Hard money lenders require only minimal documentation from borrowers.
  3. Flexibility: Borrowers have the opportunity to negotiate and customize a repayment schedule that best suits their needs.
  4. Financing Challenging Projects: Properties in poor condition that do not meet the criteria for traditional bank loans may qualify for a hard money loan.
  5. Strong Offer: Offers made on a property with the assistance of a hard money loan are often considered as favorable as all-cash offers by sellers. This allows our investors to outshine competitors and secure the best deals on the market.

Over the past decade, Crescent Lenders has successfully funded hundreds of millions of private money loans in California, solidifying our reputation as a reliable and experienced lender.

Crescent Lenders' Recent Hard Money Loans in California

Townhome in Downey, Los Angeles
Downey Bridge Loan
Downey, Los Angeles
Multi-Family Apartment Complex Near Jefferson Park, Los Angeles
Los Angeles Bridge Loan
Los Angeles, Los Angeles
Montebello Apartment Complex in Los Angeles County
Montebello Hard Money Loan
Montebello, Los Angeles

Types of California Hard Money Loans We Fund

Crescent Lenders offers a variety of hard money loans in California for all commercial, residential and industrial property types. All of our loans are required to be secured by a hard real estate asset.

Bridge Loans

A bridge loan is a short-term financing option that helps bridge the gap between the purchase of a new property and the sale of an existing property.

Probate Loans

A probate loan is a type of loan secured by an inheritance or estate that is in probate, where traditional financing may not be available.

Purchase Loans

Real estate investors commonly use purchase loans to act quickly on a hot property when they don’t have enough capital to make an all-cash offer or don’t qualify for a bank loan.

Cash-Out Loans

A cash-out loan is a type of refinancing in which the borrower takes out a new loan for more than the amount owed on the existing loan, and receives the difference in cash.

1031 Exchange Loans

A 1031 Exchange Loan is used to purchase a replacement property or like-kind property and defer paying any capital gains tax into the future to grow your investment essentially tax free.

Refinance Loans

A refinance loan is a new loan used to pay off an existing loan, typically with better terms such as lower interest rates or monthly payments.

What Our Borrowers Say

Top-Rated Provider

I’m a commercial real estate broker and do some fix n flipping on the side here in SoCal. I’ve used a few different HMLs in the past but have created a good relationship with these guys and have repeatedly used them and will continue to do so going forward.

- Justin R.
*As of May 15th, 2023

We Can Deliver Rapid Financing
Between $200k and $5 million dollars
Nationwide private lender (not a broker, avoid the extra fees)
Funding loans such as purchase, refinance, rehab, probate, 1031 exchanges, cash-out
All types of investment properties considered, residential, commercial and industrial
Crescent Lenders

Suite #116, 999 Overland Ave

Los Angeles, California


Disclaimer: Crescent Lenders, DBA CrescentLenders.com ("CL") is a California licensed broker under California Bureau of Real Estate License No. #01792267. Regardless of this license, CL considers itself a “finder” for purposes of applicable laws and regulations (California Business & Professions Code § 10130, et. seq.).