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Crescent Lenders Funds

$94K Hard Money Purchase Financing Loan

Long Beach, Los Angeles

About The Deal

The borrower is an experienced flipper who remodels and sells approximately 10 to 15 properties each month for a profit. They have been in this business for over 25 years.

The property under consideration is a 2-bedroom, 1-bathroom home in Long Beach, covering an area of 1,116 sq. ft. The total estimated cost for the project was $574,000, including acquisition, remodeling, and interest expenses.

The $94,000 2nd position hard money loan was subordinate to a new 1st position hard money loan of $480,000. The borrower intends to use the $94,000 for servicing the 1st position private money loan, remodeling expenses, and 10% of the purchase price.

The borrower did not make any monthly interest payments on the 2nd position private money loan. Instead, the interest accrued over time and will be paid in full along with the principal balance once the property is sold.

2-Bedroom, 1-Bathroom Single-Family Home in Long Beach, Los Angeles
Long Beach, Los Angeles
6 months
Purchase Financing
Single-Family Home
Exit Strategy
Sell the property

Looking for a Purchase Financing Loan Near Long Beach?

Crescent Lenders is a top rated private money lending company providing loans around The Los Angeles area.

We have been providing loans to commercial, residential and industrial California real estate investors for over a decade.

Whether you require a bridge loan to purchase a multi-family property in Downtown Long Beach or need financing to renovate a fixer-upper in the historic district of Belmont Heights, Crescent Lenders is here to assist you with all your private money loan needs in the vibrant city of Long Beach.

Our expertise extends to providing customized solutions for a wide range of property types throughout the region, including the sought after neighborhoods of Naples Island, Bixby Knolls, and Los Altos.

Come see why we are the premier hard money lenders in Long Beach.

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We Can Deliver Rapid Financing
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Nationwide private lender (not a broker, avoid the extra fees)
Funding loans such as purchase, refinance, rehab, probate, 1031 exchanges, cash-out
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Crescent Lenders

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